How do we disrupt our thinking?

Innovation is a constant theme throughout my blog. It is a constant theme throughout the books I choose to read, the blog posts I choose to read, share and comment on, the podcasts I listen to. I am enthralled by the process, the mindset and by those who do it well. The more I read,... Continue Reading →


Can you teach someone to be innovative?

I asked this question at a recent CoLearn MeetUp to a fellow colearner and he was quite taken aback by the question.  It is a tough one and I think the question quickly pegs down your beliefs about how we learn.  Are some people just born innovative or can you follow a process to be innovative... Continue Reading →

Conditions for innovation

What are the right conditions for innovation to take place?  In a previous post I defined innovation as "significant positive growth" so with this in mind what are the right conditions for significant positive growth to take place?  As usual for me the questions start popping up.  What is our metric for growth?  What are the conditions that... Continue Reading →

How does your school innovate?

Is your school innovative?  If so, how is your school innovative?  Is innovation only from pockets of lone wolves interspersed across the school or is it school wide?  What is the process used?  How does a school scale innovative practice?   When it comes to the topic of innovation, I could keep going on and on... Continue Reading →

A “5 Whys” reflection on 2015

The 5 Whys questioning technique was developed by Taiichi Ohno, the father of the Toyota Production system as an "iterative interrogative technique.  It is used to explore the cause-and-effect relationships underlying a particular problem to determine the root cause."  I use this technique a lot and thought I would pass my 2015 learning year through it.... Continue Reading →

Facilitating pedagogical conversations

As defined by the Oxford dictionary, pedagogy is the method and practice of teaching and I wonder how teachers discuss their craft.  How often do you have conversations about pedagogy with colleagues?  Is it a common occurrence?  What do you discuss about pedagogy?  How do you discuss pedagogy?  Personally I use the Modern Learning Canvas,... Continue Reading →

Parenting towards a positive digital footprint

George Couros in many of his keynotes and blog posts has talked about students leaving school and owning their own domain name.  Owning this digital land is the first step to learners owning their online story.  George is also a big advocate for digital portfolios and using your digital presence to showcase your skills and... Continue Reading →

Is the learning in your classroom “hard fun”?

Seymour Papert often talked about learning needing to be "hard fun".  Make writing hard fun.  Make reading hard fun.  The term hard fun was brought to his attention by a student who was working on a LOGO project.  It was a student enjoying what they were doing , being thoroughly challenged by what they were... Continue Reading →

Comments, the real conversation.

What innovations in education do you think have been important recently? and Who would be the innovators in education you’d most like to meet and why?  These questions were posed to me by Christine in response to my last blog post "Nothing but 5".  I will most definitely be answering the two questions posed to... Continue Reading →

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