Creating a personal Learning Board of Directors

You are the sum of the five people you spend the most amount of time with. Jim Rohn Header image source: This quote while powerful has always felt a little off for me. The first reason is that for many of us, we may not be in a position to control who we spend... Continue Reading →


A look back

It's that time of the year again. A time to pause and look back. I have to say that this year has been a hectic one and a year jam packed right up till I finished at work on Friday. Heck the work is still spilling into holiday time. This post is about themes and... Continue Reading →

Podcasts, podcasts, podcasts!

I have a slight obsession with podcasts. Since I first discovered them back in the good ole iPod days, I have been a regular listener. The EdTech Crew was the first education podcast to grab my attention and I would often extend my drive (the measure of a podcast in my mind) to finish an... Continue Reading →

Start your day on the right foot

I had an encounter with a colleague this week that really stayed with me. We were in the first stage of our new appraisal process at work and were reviewing the student data collected through surveys. The data was pretty much perfect, except in one particular area a student had given the lowest score. The... Continue Reading →

The art of noticing.

My daughter borrowed KooKoo Kookaburra by Gregg Driese from the school library last week (absolutely beautiful story) and as we were reading I came across this gem. You have two eyes, two ears and only one mouth. So you should look and listen twice as much as you speak. It was a key theme for... Continue Reading →

How does your school innovate?

Is your school innovative?  If so, how is your school innovative?  Is innovation only from pockets of lone wolves interspersed across the school or is it school wide?  What is the process used?  How does a school scale innovative practice?   When it comes to the topic of innovation, I could keep going on and on... Continue Reading →

A “5 Whys” reflection on 2015

The 5 Whys questioning technique was developed by Taiichi Ohno, the father of the Toyota Production system as an "iterative interrogative technique.  It is used to explore the cause-and-effect relationships underlying a particular problem to determine the root cause."  I use this technique a lot and thought I would pass my 2015 learning year through it.... Continue Reading →

Is your pedagogy developing the learner you desire?

What learner are you working to develop?  I wonder if this is a question that we ask ourselves often...if not at all?  I wonder what the ideal form looks like to other teachers and schools.  At my school, we have spending a considerable amount of time and energy in fleshing out what the Primary, Middle... Continue Reading →

Whole Learning Challenge

For the past week or so, my wife and I have been participating in the Whole Life Challenge. The Whole Life Challenge is an 8-week online, community-building, habit-changing game that challenges you and your friends to create happier, healthier lives by making small, daily changes.  Playing with your friends and family, you’ll score points every day,... Continue Reading →

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