What do chains, Jerry Seinfeld and deep work have in common?

I'm reading Cal Newport's book, Deep Work at the moment and in this book, he shares a strategy that Jerry Seinfeld uses to produce original comic content. The strategy is called the 'chain method'. Each day, write/create/produce your content and then mark it off on a calendar when it is complete. Over time you will... Continue Reading →


A “5 Whys” reflection on 2015

The 5 Whys questioning technique was developed by Taiichi Ohno, the father of the Toyota Production system as an "iterative interrogative technique.  It is used to explore the cause-and-effect relationships underlying a particular problem to determine the root cause."  I use this technique a lot and thought I would pass my 2015 learning year through it.... Continue Reading →

My week of comments

Last week I wrote a post about comments being the real conversation online and I set myself the challenge to reach out to people who shared stories that I connected with. It was a really interesting exercise and I have to say that my thinking on the situation has most definitely developed as a result.... Continue Reading →

Improve your learning fitness

I'm lucky enough to be writing this week's post from a hotel room in Washington DC as I'm making my way to the 2015 ISTE conference.  As usual, jet lag is working over time and I am up and about at "stupid o' clock" in the morning.  I've used this time to take in the... Continue Reading →

The grass is greener perspective

Recently a post of mine was disputed and mocked online .  Not a big deal for me but a bit disappointing as there was actually no engagement with my stance/ramblings/musings.  This year I have deliberately made an attempt to think, write, post.  Don't overthink, don't overcook.  The #youredustory challenge has really accelerated this for me as... Continue Reading →


After a hectic year of change in 2014, I have personally declared to myself (and my family) that 2015 is the year of "consolidation".  A big part of this is reflection..taking stock, and stopping to smell the roses and of course blogging.  This is my catch up blog for the #youredustory weekly challenge. What is... Continue Reading →

Find your voice

My venture into the world of blogging began in 2012 with a piece that took me over two months to write and post. I over analysed it, I reread it a million times and then kept reading it once I had had the courage to post it. My belief that was that it had to... Continue Reading →

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