A “5 Whys” reflection on 2015

The 5 Whys questioning technique was developed by Taiichi Ohno, the father of the Toyota Production system as an "iterative interrogative technique.  It is used to explore the cause-and-effect relationships underlying a particular problem to determine the root cause."  I use this technique a lot and thought I would pass my 2015 learning year through it.... Continue Reading →


Is your pedagogy developing the learner you desire?

What learner are you working to develop?  I wonder if this is a question that we ask ourselves often...if not at all?  I wonder what the ideal form looks like to other teachers and schools.  At my school, we have spending a considerable amount of time and energy in fleshing out what the Primary, Middle... Continue Reading →

Facilitating pedagogical conversations

As defined by the Oxford dictionary, pedagogy is the method and practice of teaching and I wonder how teachers discuss their craft.  How often do you have conversations about pedagogy with colleagues?  Is it a common occurrence?  What do you discuss about pedagogy?  How do you discuss pedagogy?  Personally I use the Modern Learning Canvas,... Continue Reading →


PBL, CBL, Direct Instruction, Explicit instruction, ISP, ILP, PLP, Open plan learning, play based inquiry, discovery learning or thanks to the Edu Jargon generator, the following plays on edu jargon. We will disintermediate subjective explicit direct instruction within the core curriculum. We will enable flipped decision-making across cognitive and affective domains. We will deliver holistic... Continue Reading →

The 3D printing landscape

On Saturday, Zara and I visited the 3D printing showcase at Melbourne Uni.  The showcase was held over two days (Friday and Saturday) and was a mix of exhibitions, hands on demos, guest speakers and student displays.  I went last year and the event was much smaller and so it was pretty amazing to think... Continue Reading →

Parenting towards a positive digital footprint

George Couros in many of his keynotes and blog posts has talked about students leaving school and owning their own domain name.  Owning this digital land is the first step to learners owning their online story.  George is also a big advocate for digital portfolios and using your digital presence to showcase your skills and... Continue Reading →

Whole Learning Challenge

For the past week or so, my wife and I have been participating in the Whole Life Challenge. The Whole Life Challenge is an 8-week online, community-building, habit-changing game that challenges you and your friends to create happier, healthier lives by making small, daily changes.  Playing with your friends and family, you’ll score points every day,... Continue Reading →

My week of comments

Last week I wrote a post about comments being the real conversation online and I set myself the challenge to reach out to people who shared stories that I connected with. It was a really interesting exercise and I have to say that my thinking on the situation has most definitely developed as a result.... Continue Reading →

Comments, the real conversation.

What innovations in education do you think have been important recently? and Who would be the innovators in education you’d most like to meet and why?  These questions were posed to me by Christine in response to my last blog post "Nothing but 5".  I will most definitely be answering the two questions posed to... Continue Reading →

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