Mindful moments: Be present in the present.

Header image source: Unsplash.com We live busy lives these days. Move from meeting to meeting, from class to class, from task to task, from home to work to home where we work again. We are more connected than ever. Tapped into endless resources, non-stop communication, 24/7 schedules and neverending to-do lists. Our phones are usually... Continue Reading →


Teachers – Put your oxygen mask on first

Image source: Flickr There is a reason that you are required to put your own oxygen mask on first in an emergency. You can't help anyone if you yourself are incapacitated. Teachers are some of the most selfless people on the planet. We are constantly giving to others at the sacrifice of our own health.... Continue Reading →

Create the whitespace in your day

Image source: Unsplash.com It's often not till we have a real break that we appreciate the frenetic pace that we live our lives at. Normal is high paced, stress-laden and tension filled. We bounce from meeting to teaching to email to reporting and everything else in between. Time as a resource is stretched to capacity... Continue Reading →

Be wary of the power of your words

I remember it clearly. Even though it was 32 years ago, I can remember it just like it was yesterday. While the memory has faded into the background of my subconscious, it had a tremendous impact on the person I became. I was born in Ireland and as you do in Ireland, I was playing... Continue Reading →

Struggling with focus? Strategies to help you sharpen your concentration

Do you struggle to maintain concentration for an extended period of time? Do you find that the length of time that you can focus your attention has severely deteriorated over the past few years? Twelve months ago, I would have answered yes to both questions. There was a melting pot of reasons for this. Environmental,... Continue Reading →

Take control and find out where all your time goes.

Where does all your time go? What has the greatest impact on your daily energy and is it the right use of your time? I have long pursued living a deliberate life. A life where my energy is used in the right places. Where conscious decisions lead to a better home and work life. We... Continue Reading →

The power of being present

How do you power down? What strategies do you use to switch off from the pressures and pull of work? What conscious steps do you take to transition from work to home? What routines and habits do you have that allow you leave work at your front door step? How are you present at home?... Continue Reading →

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