Design and Play – our podcast workflow

I have listened to podcasts for a long time. It is the medium that I get most of my learning inspiration from. I have written about my enthusiasm for podcasts here and here. Equally as long I have wanted to start a podcast but have been too... (insert excuse here). At the end of last... Continue Reading →


Podcasts, podcasts, podcasts!

I have a slight obsession with podcasts. Since I first discovered them back in the good ole iPod days, I have been a regular listener. The EdTech Crew was the first education podcast to grab my attention and I would often extend my drive (the measure of a podcast in my mind) to finish an... Continue Reading →

Sensory deprivation and reflection

Image source: For Father's day, I was given a gift voucher to a floatation tank venue. I had never heard of this before but as usual it was my wife's keen interest in exploring it and her preference for me to be the guinea pig to test it out. I walked in with no... Continue Reading →

How do we disrupt our thinking?

Innovation is a constant theme throughout my blog. It is a constant theme throughout the books I choose to read, the blog posts I choose to read, share and comment on, the podcasts I listen to. I am enthralled by the process, the mindset and by those who do it well. The more I read,... Continue Reading →

How do your innovations stack up?

In my last post, I talked about disciplined innovation and the Ten Types of Innovation.  In this post I want to spend a little time unpacking the ten types.  The work that Larry Keeley and his team have done is tremendous and I implore people to spend some time engaging with it.  Keeley and his... Continue Reading →

Learning space design inspiration

This is a collation of inspiration I collected for learning space development at Ivanhoe. I hope it inspires conversations at your school.

Minimal and Essential

We all lead busy lives.  We bounce from meeting to meeting, from class to class, from activity to activity.  We are chased by email and hounded by notifications.  We are constantly on.  It has worn me down over the past little while.  I work to create more room but then struggle with focus. I want... Continue Reading →

“SCRUM-tious” collaboration

I stumbled across a quote a few years ago and apologies to the original owner because I can’t for the life of me remember where I read it or saw it but it goes as follows. “Without contribution, you don’t have true collaboration” Originally the quote resonated with me due to my dealings regarding staff... Continue Reading →

Student action

I have long been an advocate for authentic student voice and action. It is the driving reason behind the establishment of the Digital Leader program at Ivanhoe. Nick Jackson (@largerama) is driving this in Australia and I am constantly inspired by his dedication to the action component.  Our Digital Leader program is in its third year... Continue Reading →

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