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In my last post, "Are these the greatest challenges teachers face?" I shared a curated collection of challenges ranked in their priority order by a mix of educators. The greatest challenge as listed by the 40 participants was Quality teaching time with students. The more time I spent looking at the data, the more questions... Continue Reading →


Are these the greatest challenges teachers face?

I am incredibly interested in the commonality of challenge faced by teachers. Regardless of context we face many of the same problems. Sure, there are the context specific elements that make your problem unique but largely they can be qualified together. As part of a curiosity experiment I threw out a tweet on Twitter a... Continue Reading →

How does your school innovate?

Is your school innovative?  If so, how is your school innovative?  Is innovation only from pockets of lone wolves interspersed across the school or is it school wide?  What is the process used?  How does a school scale innovative practice?   When it comes to the topic of innovation, I could keep going on and on... Continue Reading →

If you’ve got something to say, say it

In a previous post, I talked about audio learning and the benefits of learning on the go. The evolution of this for me has been audiobooks. My good friend Aaron Davis wrote a great post on audiobooks (click here for the post) recently which prompted me to see what amazing books have been committed to... Continue Reading →

Some thoughts on professional development

I've spent a lot of time recently thinking about professional development. Over the past month I have presented at the DLTV conference, ran an all day workshop on transformative learning to staff from around Victoria and have completed numerous training sessions with staff from my school. After the exhilaration of such challenges, some amazing conversations... Continue Reading →

Staff Learning hub – Professional Learning Communities

Professional learning has a huge impact on the performance of teachers as well as the hip pocket of the schools.  In an ideal world, schools would send teams to conferences and PD sessions regularly as it is a powerful way to assist with strong post conference learning momentum and learning culture impact.  However, the challenge... Continue Reading →

Staff learning – #TeachMeet & #SchoolMeet

“The more the student becomes the teacher and the teacher becomes the learner, then the more successful the outcomes.”                                                                        ... Continue Reading →

Staff learning – Genius Hour and Design Thinking

“You can't teach 21st century learners if you haven't learnt anything yourself this century” Dr. Gary Stager at EduTech 2013 Providing challenging, engaging and relevant learning to staff is one of the most important elements of a great learning facility.  It inspires great dialogue, opens up new possibilities and this transpires positively into the classroom... Continue Reading →

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