Easily create a TV studio in your classroom with TouchCast

Having a school run TV studio is a pipedream for many schools and for those that have one up and running, there is a tremendous amount of work required to get the final product polished. Planning and researching the content, rehearsing and taping the segments, setting up the designated space, editing, the list goes on...... Continue Reading →


Batch email and get time back in your day

Email. I once liked you. Now you are a stream of 'pass the buck' communication, inappropriate 'CC's and straight up time wasting. In fact, email is the one thing I would give away in a heartbeat. For such a long while, email has been kicking my butt but I've think I'm gaining the upper hand.... Continue Reading →

750 Words A Day To Make You A Better Writer

The doing part is the only difference between an aspiring writer and a writer. The daily practice of sitting down and putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard is what separates aspiring and practicing. Through habit, we develop our abilities. Incremental improvement every day. It is about quantity versus quality. Why? Theodore Sturgen, the... Continue Reading →

Podcasts, podcasts, podcasts!

I have a slight obsession with podcasts. Since I first discovered them back in the good ole iPod days, I have been a regular listener. The EdTech Crew was the first education podcast to grab my attention and I would often extend my drive (the measure of a podcast in my mind) to finish an... Continue Reading →

Trello & Pomodoro

How do you keep on top of your workload?  When the emails and to-do tasks pile up, how do you manage to keep afloat?  I am always keen to hear how others manage the information of their day and their responsibilities.  The strategies they use, the workflows they choose.  Are they thriving or surviving?  For... Continue Reading →

Coding and Swifty

I really enjoyed learning Italian at school, it just seemed to make sense to me.  I enjoyed the decoding and the challenge of getting the pronunciation right.  When my wife and I moved to Brasil a few years ago, the years of learning Italian really helped me during the complete immersion.  During this time I was also... Continue Reading →

Chrome extensions

As far as browsers go, Chrome is my browser of choice.  Fast, powerful and organised.  The power for me is not in the Apps available through the Web Store but the Extensions. This post will talk about a few of my favourite Chome extensions.       Dropbox - a quick link to my virtual filing... Continue Reading →

Learn to build games and apps using Touch Develop

Learning how to build an app or make a video game are interest areas for many students and as such I am always on the hunt for technology solutions that enable students to achieve these goals.  Previously I have used Sploder and GameStar Mechanic for game making, used AppMakr and iBuild App to make apps... Continue Reading →

An Amazing Race using Voxer

The Icons race is one of the feature components of our Year 9 Urban History program.  Students work in groups of three and navigate their way around Melbourne trying to locate key features and fixtures of the Melbourne CBD.  Traditionally students received cards with clues and needed to decipher the exact location that they needed to... Continue Reading →

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