How we scaled 3D printing

In my previous post, I talked about the need for schools to find symbiotic partnerships with industry to assist with the expertise gap. Schools need support to offer specialised programs. Our capacity as a school to scale 3D printing is not an option without partnerships. 3D printers are not 'plug and play' technology and as... Continue Reading →


Digital literacy – A communities’ responsibility

Image source: Unsplash The new Australian Curriculum rightly demands that all students become digitally literate and learn coding, as both will be crucial for future job opportunities. But this is easier said than done in an already crowded curriculum. Without appropriate support, schools with limited resources will struggle to deliver on this admirable but ambitious... Continue Reading →

Design and Play – our podcast workflow

I have listened to podcasts for a long time. It is the medium that I get most of my learning inspiration from. I have written about my enthusiasm for podcasts here and here. Equally as long I have wanted to start a podcast but have been too... (insert excuse here). At the end of last... Continue Reading →

Facilitating pedagogical conversations

As defined by the Oxford dictionary, pedagogy is the method and practice of teaching and I wonder how teachers discuss their craft.  How often do you have conversations about pedagogy with colleagues?  Is it a common occurrence?  What do you discuss about pedagogy?  How do you discuss pedagogy?  Personally I use the Modern Learning Canvas,... Continue Reading →

The 3D printing landscape

On Saturday, Zara and I visited the 3D printing showcase at Melbourne Uni.  The showcase was held over two days (Friday and Saturday) and was a mix of exhibitions, hands on demos, guest speakers and student displays.  I went last year and the event was much smaller and so it was pretty amazing to think... Continue Reading →

Is the learning in your classroom “hard fun”?

Seymour Papert often talked about learning needing to be "hard fun".  Make writing hard fun.  Make reading hard fun.  The term hard fun was brought to his attention by a student who was working on a LOGO project.  It was a student enjoying what they were doing , being thoroughly challenged by what they were... Continue Reading →

More than just programming

I remember learning LOGO at school fondly.  I loved the interplay between the language and the output.  What we were creating was really basic but the whole process was really engaging.  These days the landscape has shifted tremendously and there is a plethora of options to introduce learners to programming.  One of the best ways that I... Continue Reading →

Some thoughts on professional development

I've spent a lot of time recently thinking about professional development. Over the past month I have presented at the DLTV conference, ran an all day workshop on transformative learning to staff from around Victoria and have completed numerous training sessions with staff from my school. After the exhilaration of such challenges, some amazing conversations... Continue Reading →

Digital organisation & process using Trello

Staying organised is a challenge for everyone and I have used a range of strategies to try and keep myself sane, on task and time managed.  Personally Evernote, IFTTT, Twitter and Flipboard help keep my learning flowing and organised but I hadn't yet found a process that worked for the To Do lists and project... Continue Reading →

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