Amplify strengths and build human capital.

A Digital Leader program is more than using technology to assist learning. It is about building self-worth and confidence. It is about building human capital. The success of our program is the human story. One story stands out for sure. Joe (not his real name) began at our school in Year 4. At his previous... Continue Reading →


Student voice

How do you empower student voice in your classroom or school?  Once again, I'm going to adjust the question this week for #youredustory.  How do I empower students in my classroom or school?  Student voice is one key element of empowering students.  However, voice without action, talk without walk doesn't empower students to engage and... Continue Reading →

Digital Leaders…the next chapter

Well much has happened since my last post. I have met with the Digital Leaders at each campus for our first brainstorm session. The focus of the first session was to develop a common set of expectations for each other and to generate a list of ideas for projects and initiatives. The question that I... Continue Reading →

Digital Leaders I have always been a big advocate for authentic student voice.  Empowering students to take action on issues and ideals close to their heart is one of the reasons that I love what I do.  It's raw, real and pivotal to a rich learning experience.  As part of our Primary ICT Professional Learning team, we... Continue Reading →

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