Creating a personal Learning Board of Directors

You are the sum of the five people you spend the most amount of time with. Jim Rohn Header image source: This quote while powerful has always felt a little off for me. The first reason is that for many of us, we may not be in a position to control who we spend... Continue Reading →


Mindful moments: Be present in the present.

Header image source: We live busy lives these days. Move from meeting to meeting, from class to class, from task to task, from home to work to home where we work again. We are more connected than ever. Tapped into endless resources, non-stop communication, 24/7 schedules and neverending to-do lists. Our phones are usually... Continue Reading →

Seeking high performance? Frame your day with clarity

How deliberately do you live? Some days, do you feel like you get up and move through your day on autopilot routines? I do. Not every day but there are days that just feel fast forwarded. Days where you get up or go to work and lack clarity. What is it that I am supposed... Continue Reading →

See one, do one, teach one. Using the Generation Effect to improve your memory

A few weeks back Dean Pearman and I had the great pleasure of interviewing Steve Glaveski on the Design and Play podcast. Steve is an extremely successful person and our chat with him provided an incredible window into his ability to optimise his learning. In fact, there are so many amazing insights on this episode... Continue Reading →

Need to focus? Design a Spoke and Hub workspace

Find it hard to focus? Struggle to sit down and get that large project or report done? We all procrastinate. Put off the work we know we should be doing and then put ourselves under the pump by cramming at the last minute. The excuses for why we shouldn't complete the work would fill the... Continue Reading →

Stuck on a problem? Ask MacGyver for help!

Do you get constantly stuck on problems? Do you hit mental walls that you can't climb over? Well, what if MacGyver could help out? Huh??? MacGyver was one of my favourite shows growing up. It was a show you could watch as a family as MacGyver was a non-violent creative genius who could outwit and... Continue Reading →

Making friends with the fear of public speaking

My pulse is racing The sweat starts My knees start to tremble The dry mouth kicks in. I try to swallow but there is a massive lump in my throat. I walk onto the stage and those sensations go into overdrive. For as long as I can remember I have had a fear of public... Continue Reading →

Teachers – Put your oxygen mask on first

Image source: Flickr There is a reason that you are required to put your own oxygen mask on first in an emergency. You can't help anyone if you yourself are incapacitated. Teachers are some of the most selfless people on the planet. We are constantly giving to others at the sacrifice of our own health.... Continue Reading →

Create the whitespace in your day

Image source: It's often not till we have a real break that we appreciate the frenetic pace that we live our lives at. Normal is high paced, stress-laden and tension filled. We bounce from meeting to teaching to email to reporting and everything else in between. Time as a resource is stretched to capacity... Continue Reading →

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