Seeking high performance? Frame your day with clarity

How deliberately do you live?

Some days, do you feel like you get up and move through your day on autopilot routines? I do. Not every day but there are days that just feel fast forwarded. Days where you get up or go to work and lack clarity. What is it that I am supposed to do today?

The days that I move through unintentionally are the days I least enjoy. The days where you get to the end and you think to yourself, what did I actually do today?

We have all had those days.

Aimless and wasteful.

I personally want to live every day with intention and presence. I want to grow, achieve and breathe in the small things.

So how do you live deliberately?

According to Brendon Burchard, author of “High-Performance Habits: How Extraordinary People Become That Way”, seeking clarity is key. His book,  based on extensive
research, finds that high performing people seek out clarity in their day. Burchard lists four areas to frame every day:

1. Self – How do you want to describe your ideal self?
2. Skills – What skills do you want to develop and demonstrate?
3. Social – How do you want to behave socially?
4. Service – What service do you want to provide?

In other words, how I do want to act, grow, interact and give every day?

Ever been stuck in a rut or a bad mood and felt that you just can’t shake it? If every day is a reset and if we choose to reflect and live deliberately, we can shake off the grumps or lack of clarity. It isn’t a magical formula but it is living with intent and with clarity. It helps having clear goals.

Clear goals are also a key psychological trigger for flow, our optimal experience. Clear goals give us a target to work towards and draws our attention into the now.

Clear goals are different to big goals. They concern all the baby steps it’s going to take to achieve those big goals. With these small goals, clarity is of the utmost importance for staying present and finding flow. When goals are clear, the mind doesn’t have to wonder about what to do or what to do next. Clear is the focus. Clarity gives us certainty. When goals are clear, metacognition is replaced by in the moment cognition and the self stays out of the picture.
Steven Kotler – Bold

Being clear about what we try to achieve each day can help trigger our peak human experience, flow. It can lead to increased creativity as well and temporarily turn down the volume of the inner critic in our head. It is living in the moment, as presently as possible.

So what questions can frame your day to allow you to live intently and with clarity?

Header image source: Unsplash


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