Amplify strengths and build human capital.

A Digital Leader program is more than using technology to assist learning. It is about building self-worth and confidence. It is about building human capital. The success of our program is the human story.

One story stands out for sure.

Joe (not his real name) began at our school in Year 4. At his previous school, he had been the target of playground bullying. He arrived to our school timid and unsure of himself. Due to a talent for working with technology, Joel was selected as a Digital Leader. The Digital Leader program provided Joe access to like-minded people. through a role that was authentic and respected. He learnt to harness his talent for using technology and use it in a way that made people feel at ease. He learnt to speak to large groups and to allow the ideas of others to flourish. Joe was learning when to double down on his strengths and when to ease off the peddle. The Digital Leader program provided him with a safe haven to be himself and to see the worth in who he was.

The best part of all this was that Joe was happy. He wanted to come to school. He started to feel welcomed and valued and his parents were over the moon. The Digital Leader program provided Joe an environment to share his value and thrive. Seeing him now in Year 7, I see a confident, happy young man who can hold rich conversations with anyone. He is a talented user of technology but even better than that, he sees the value in his own talent.

Every learner has strengths and every learner wants to feel success. It is only natural to want to play to these strengths. The challenge for schools then is to find ways to notice these and harness them. To find ways to help students feel success. Learning isn’t easy. It is messy, frustrating and different for everyone. School needs to be a place where we allow all learners to feel that their strengths are being amplified. That the environment of school can be fertile for them. A little confidence goes a long way…





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