Own your morning!

The inclination to check your email, and social media feed when you first wake up is powerful. Get out of bed and reach for the phone. Thumb through the feed or emails and get that dopamine hit. How many of us have then had our morning ruined by a nasty email or a horrible news story? Before your day has started your day derails. You spend your time processing that horrible email from a parent/colleague/boss. You cannot think of anything else. Work hasn’t started but you are already stressed. Your body’s natural stress mechanisms are kicking in and already your mindset for the day is off. Why do we do this? Why do we let others own our morning? Now I am a morning person. I enjoy rising early and getting the day off on the right foot. For those who don’t enjoy mornings, starting the day with unsettling news isn’t a good way to start. So why do we do this? I am pretty sure that checking your email first thing in the morning is not an expectation of work. It’s not in your job description. It is a choice. A conscious choice. Once you make this choice, it becomes an expectation. Then an unconscious choice. A habit. Don’t let it become that. Your mornings are yours. Yours for family time, personal time, exercise, coffee, whatever floats your morning boat. Break the trigger that sets that behaviour off. Put your phone away until you are in the office or in school. Check your email/feeds/messages on your terms. Make it work for you. Your energy is yours. Set the tone for your day by owning your morning.

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