What do chains, Jerry Seinfeld and deep work have in common?

I’m reading Cal Newport’s book, Deep Work at the moment and in this book, he shares a strategy that Jerry Seinfeld uses to produce original comic content. The strategy is called the ‘chain method’. Each day, write/create/produce your content and then mark it off on a calendar when it is complete. Over time you will build a chain of crosses on your calendar and with it a volume of content. Over time that content will get better. With each unbroken day, you will get better at the specific area you are working on. It builds rhythm into the work. Like a shooter in basketball on a roll. Keep the flow going. A great quote Newport shares in the book further supports it.

“Great creative minds think like artists but work like accountants.”David Brooks

So much of what we create is just plain hard work and dedication to getting better. A-ha moments and overnight success stories are fiction. If you want to create amazing work, do it every day.

This is my 100th post on my blog and it has been an incredibly cathartic way to unpack ideas and share. To all those who have read, commented and shared, thank you. You have helped this learner so much along the way. Next challenge: Don’t take four years to get to 100 posts!

Next challenge: Don’t take four years to get to 100 posts!


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