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It’s been a big week, both emotionally and professionally.  I write this after delivering the closing keynote to the #DigiCon16 conference which also happened to coincide with the ten year anniversary of my brother’s death.  I have written about Kev previously here and how his story as sad as it is has continued to inspire me daily.  I wasn’t really sure how I was going to go sharing it as it is still a raw wound.  Being honest, I collapsed in a heap after the conference as the magnitude of the situation hit home.  Presenting in any shape of form is always nerve wracking as you are exposed and vulnerable as you share your thinking, ideas and practice but this was much, much more.  I had always planned on sharing Kev’s story publicly because it is a beautiful and empowering story and so when I was blessed with the honour of being the closing keynote for this year’s DigiCon Festival of Learning, it felt right.  This feeling was confirmed when Bec told me the date I would be speaking was July 20, the date Kev passed away ten years ago.

My talk was about living a life of passion and ‘walking on’ to new opportunities and challenges.  Kev had always dreamed of playing college basketball at the highest level and he never baulked from any opportunity to chase that dream.  To make the Georgia Bulldogs squad, he had to earn a ‘walk on’ spot by giving up the safe road of a Division II scholarship for one shot at a Division I spot.  ‘Walk on’ was the real message for delegates.  In education, we need more educators to ‘walk on’ and take on new challenges, to rethink pedagogy, reimagine school and to grow our collective voice.  We all battle our inner self when it comes to new opportunities.  Talk ourselves out of going for something, self defeat with our own negative self-talk but why?  Why do we do that to ourselves?  Your value is needed, your voice counts and we need all educators to #WalkOn.  To step out of your comfort zone, to not settle for the way we have always done things but to seek as Seymour Papert dreamt, ‘radical new opportunities to develop school-as-it-can-be’.  

For those who are looking to do that, come and join us at CoLearn MeetUp at Collective Campus (1/20 Queen street, Melb) on August 11 at 6.30pm.  For more details, visit http://www.colearnmeetup.com

There are many constraints within classrooms and schools and often we view these as blockers but constraints can actually allow us to be more creative.  This MeetUp will allow us to use these constraints to unlock new possibilities.  We will be tackling the following design challenge

How Might We create the conditions for innovation within the current constraints of school?  

This Meetup will collectively develop ideas and propose solutions to allow teachers at any school to create the right conditions for innovation in their classroom or school.  Help us develop an innovation playbook for educators to drive change within their classrooms and schools.




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