PBL, CBL, Direct Instruction, Explicit instruction, ISP, ILP, PLP, Open plan learning, play based inquiry, discovery learning or thanks to the Edu Jargon generator, the following plays on edu jargon.

  • We will disintermediate subjective explicit direct instruction within the core curriculum.
  • We will enable flipped decision-making across cognitive and affective domains.
  • We will deliver holistic differentiated lessons in authentic, real-world scenarios.
  • We will unpack top-down higher-order thinking across content areas.
  • We will empower metacognitive best practices via self-reflection.
  • We will facilitate innovative content within the Zone of Proximity.

The list goes on….

How do educators keep up, let alone how do parents?  Jargon has it’s place but it really does require moderated definitions so that the meaning is shared.  When I was doing my Masters a few years back, I spent the first two weeks writing down an Edu dictionary just so I could actually mentally access the content.  I also remember the discussion forums had an ongoing Acronym list (ended up around 45 from memory) so that learners could follow along.  Is education hooked on jargon?  Are other industries that are as bad?  I have had parents at my school ask if the school can write an article outlining just exactly what they mean by 21st Century learning, Flipped learning, Blended learning or other such terms.  It really opened my eyes.  Why do we do it?  Is it because we rebadge old pedagogy and give it a new name to make it sound modern?  Is it because it is something new that requires difference?  I’m so guilty of speaking in edu tongue but I’m really trying to just speak plainly so that most people can understand what I am trying to convey.  The key to jargon is reciprocal meaning and this is the part that education needs to work on.

Thanks as always for reading.  Comments welcome.


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