Nothing but 5

I’m stumped.  A huge case of writer’s block.  I’ve got lots to say (too much if you ask my wife) but I sit down to write and nothing.  So I’m going to put a timer on for 5 minutes and write whatever comes into my head.  No prep, no break just flow.  Below is my first 5 minutes.


Innovation is a huge passion area of mine.

What is innovation?

Why innovate?

How do you measure innovation?

I personally think innovation is breaking new ground.

It looks different in your world to mine.

It make positive change.

Innovation soon becomes habit, the way we have always done things and then new ground is needed to be broken.

I don’t believe that we innovate for innovation’s sake but we do to redefine (in my case) learning.

To innovate, we need a thorough knowledge of the context.

Knowing the environment, the people, the conditions allows for the best path forward to be chosen.

Innovation is not always ground breaking but little steps forward.

Innovation is about getting better.

So this is my attempt at blowing the cobwebs out.  I thought of writing for longer but like Twitter with it’s limited characters, I liked the pressure of being succinct.  What would you write about in 5 minutes?

Thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “Nothing but 5

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  1. Great strategy often used by literacy teachers with students. What innovations in education do you think have been important recently? and Who would be the innovators in education you’d most like to meet and why?

    1. Thanks Christine, I’ve used it so successfully in the past myself with students and thought I would give it a crack with my own writing. Thanks for the post suggestions. Replies coming soon!

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