The grass is greener perspective

Recently a post of mine was disputed and mocked online .  Not a big deal for me but a bit disappointing as there was actually no engagement with my stance/ramblings/musings.  This year I have deliberately made an attempt to think, write, post.  Don’t overthink, don’t overcook.  The #youredustory challenge has really accelerated this for me as each week a prompt will provide the inspiration for the week.  Previously I would revisit my drafts and revise, revise, revise but now I do this after I have posted.  I find myself wanting to reply at times to my own post and rebut.  I find myself at times wanting to reply and agree.  No matter which way I feel, the cathartic nature of writing has me thinking out loud with a train full of people (who are interested in education) listening on in (and at times willing to connect and contribute).  When I’m preparing for a presentation or interview, I have my wife listen or throw questions at me and through my mumblings, I arrive at a better space.  When I am planning or dreaming big picture, I lay out all my thoughts on the floor and pull them in and arrange or scribble.  For me, writing a post is collection of thoughts that I try to gel or link.  There is no right way.  It is just me and my voice.  This blog is me trying to amplify my voice.  Not  just a platform for people to hear what I have to say but a space to try and come to a better collective understanding myself.  As part of this, I have deliberately targeted different opinions, opposing views and blogs/books/studies that call out my current way of thinking.  This green grass perspective has often affirmed my position or belief or had me question my current belief on a matter.  To grow as learners, we need to see the world from opposing sides.  Otherwise we surround ourselves with like minded individuals who do nothing but agree.  See if the grass is greener and look back from the other side.  And if you do, you’ll see that not everything “is basically *all* wrong”.


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