Keeping up morale!

How do you help morale on campus as tiredness sets in?  As the holidays pop up on the radar, it can seem like a crawl to the end.  Everyone is tired, on edge and ready for a break.  This week’s #youredustory blog challenge is something that all teachers can relate to.  You start the term full of energy, inspiration and patience and can end the term lacking in all.  How do you keep the energy up?  How do you keep spirits up?  For me, it is a mix of perspective and looking out for yourself and colleagues.  Teaching  can be incredibly draining both physically and mentally and can take it’s toll very quickly on both.  At my school, mindfulness sessions at recess or staff gym days really help to look after the physical and mental health of staff.  It also allows staff to blow off steam or debrief.  Personally I am not a huge fan of staff always being in the staff room as in my experience, it can lead to a culture of complaining or paying out on tough students.  I think much more is gained by going for a walk or a coffee in the cafeteria with a colleague.  I also think the little things add to improved morale.  An impromptu morning tea, an email to a staff member to thank them for their efforts, a kind word or an after work shout can all lead to improved morale.  As well as this, I think that perspective plays a huge part.  I am a very positive person,  always have been.  I have had things in my life that have knocked me down but I know that the only thing that I can control in my life is how I react.  I’m always smiling.  Why…because life is good.  Yes, there are times in our day or situations that are frustrating and taxing on our nerves but these are trivial.  Empathy and perspective are huge factors when it comes to the growth of morale.  Listening to others, understanding and being positive form a great nucleus for a positive school culture and this stands up over the journey of the term.


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  1. You’re right – life is good and I appreciate you taking time to write a blog post to remind us that! I think it can be very easy to get lost in the ‘busyness’ of teaching and get weighed down with responsibility and workload. However it’s important to put it into perspective and focus on the important stuff – not always easy to do but essential to our wellbeing. 🙂

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Gill, much appreciated. So easy to say but hard to pull off. As I writing I was thinking to myself that I should return this post periodically to remind myself of my own advice. Walking the walk is always the harder of the two. Hope you had a morale boosting day!!

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