Coding and Swifty

I really enjoyed learning Italian at school, it just seemed to make sense to me.  I enjoyed the decoding and the challenge of getting the pronunciation right.  When my wife and I moved to Brasil a few years ago, the years of learning Italian really helped me during the complete immersion.  During this time I was also bought up a heap of Dummies books on website building, PHP coding and database building.  I had basic HTML knowledge prior to this and I really felt a common connection between my use of Italian to learn Portuguese and my HTML capacity with PHP.  Watching the young people at the school learn languages at ease and become bi & tri-lingual, I remember thinking to myself that all students should learn a language by immersion and that all students should learn a coding language and become fluent.  I still believe this.  I’d be impressed by a CV if the person was fluent in Spanish and Objective C.  For me I trudged through Dummies books and forums to learn but these days there are so many amazing tools, apps, websites and online courses to help someone learn a coding language.

For this particular post I am going to focus on Swifty.  Swift is the new programming language for iOS and OS X.  Xcode is the Apple developed platform for building iOs & Mac apps and has been on learning bucket list for some time.  Every time I start, I get lost and intimidated by the sheer volume of tools and options.  And then in swooped Swifty.  Swifty is an iOS app that works on both iPhone & iPad and it breaks down the language of Swift into small tutorials.  You progress through these short tutorials quickly and with a great deal of quick feedback.  It is hands on and the explanations are clear and concise.  I am working through the 200+ tutorials at the moment and working towards the goal of getting an app (that I have written) into the App store.  I enjoy that I can chip away at coding fluency in bite size steps at any point I have a spare minute.  I am then using this knowledge in Xcode to play around in the Playground and to work on my own (at the moment, very simple) app.  Life long learning all the way!!



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