The most important question….why?

The reason I love the “why” question is that it cuts to the core of everything we do.  My daughter bombards me with a million “why” questions everyday and there is just no sidestepping them.  A “why” question requires an authentic response and it leads to more “why” questions.  Why do I do what I do?  This is in response to a prompt by Aaron Davis for the #youredustory challenge.

Let’s begin by narrowing down the “do” part and talk just about teaching and learning.  Why am I a teacher?  For me, it is a combination of passion and a love of inspiration.  I am a passionate person who lives for inspiration and to work with other passionate people (no age limit here).  I am forever immersed in passion driven projects, collaborations and learning.  I still get as excited now about a new idea or a great contribution as I did when I was as young as my daughter is.  I think I always will.  With this in mind, teaching just fit for me.  Now I didn’t have a magic moment in my life that led me to choose teaching, I fell into it.  That being said, I was always working with young people.  I coached, I mentored and I always really enjoyed it.  This enjoyment has always remained with me.  The combination of working with people who inspire and are inspired and working to make a difference in the world fans my flames of motivation.  Now a lot of my days is spent working with people (young and old) who are aren’t passionate about what they do and the challenge is to engage them, excite them and empower them.  Teaching in all it’s forms is about engaging, exciting and empowering people.  Passion driven learning with active learners willing to take learning risks is I think the goal for all teachers.  Why do I do what I do?  Well I still have plenty of passion and inspiration to share and plenty of teachers and learners to engage, excite and empower.


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