The best of you

What is the best thing you do in your classroom/school/district/job?

So we head into week four of the #youredustory challenge and I’m still sticking to it, even in fact looking forward to the curly questions/prompts being thrown at me each week.  I have to say, when I asked myself the question for this week “What is the best thing you do in your classroom/school/district/job?”, I thought “Insert expletive here”, I hope I have many best things. I think I do a lot of things really well but I also think that I have a lot of learning edges to sharpen.  In a way, narrowing the impact the teachers have down to one thing I think actually minimises the impact that teachers have.  My one best thing changes depending on who I am working with, what I’m working on, the context and a long list of factors. It is in the eye of the beholder.  I think that a strength based approach to my classroom sits better with me.  I’ll use everything in repertoire to enhance learning and sometimes the same thing produces exactly opposite results.  I’ll take feedback, reflect and try again.  I’m not limited to a thing….my two cents anyway.


5 thoughts on “The best of you

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  1. One of the things l’m really enjoying about the challenge is the different approach we all take with our answers. And how often when I read someone else’s response, I wonder why I didn’t think of that! You are so right, there should be many best things we do, that to narrow it to one might be doing ourselves a disservice.

    1. I agree Margo, I feel like this blogging challenge is creating a writer’s forum where each week I’m excited to see how people respond. The words are flowing and not overcooked!!

      1. I’m with both of you. I love to see how other people handle the prompts and the different angles from which they approach the questions. I enjoyed your post and I am looking forward to reading more from you as this challenge progresses.

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