After a hectic year of change in 2014, I have personally declared to myself (and my family) that 2015 is the year of “consolidation”.  A big part of this is reflection..taking stock, and stopping to smell the roses and of course blogging.  This is my catch up blog for the #youredustory weekly challenge.

What is your “one word” that will inspire you in your classroom or school in 2015?

Guess I have already spilled the beans on that one but I feel after intense periods of shift and change in my learning year that I am ready to lay the roots down on these shifts. A new role, a whole lot of personal transition but also a large amount of amazing, invigorating projects and initiatives at my school lie in front of me and there is much to be excited about.  What does consolidation look like in my world for 2015?  It involves continuing to look at learning space design and how we can develop spaces that encourage a range of learning interactions and experiences for learners.  It involves being a part of continued systematic change by amplifying peer conversation and innovation.  It involves continuing to capture student voice and empower student action.  It involves continuing to learn from and contribute to an amazing global network of educators.  It involves stopping, thinking, questioning and growing as a learner.  It involves being in the moment, navigating the transition space between work and home.  It involves reaching out.


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  1. Consolidation is such an interesting term Steve. It reminds me in football when the team ahead tries to slow down the clock to get their breathe back. I wonder if it is to be both innovative at the same time as we consolidate our current practises? I really like what Design Thinking has to offer with this in regards to iteration and prototyping.

    Look forward to following this year, particularly in regards to ‘learning spaces’ as this is an area I too am deeply interested in.

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