The #youredustory journey continues.  Already a keen fan of the power of prompts, I am looking forward to reading and responding to the blog posts of those educators who participate in the weekly #youredustory blog prompts.  The focus for this week is in honor of the great Martin Luther King: How will you make the world a better place?

I am taken back to a scenario thrown to me during university where we discussed how to respond to challenging situations with students, parents or colleagues.  The following question was posed: “What are you in control of?”  I have to say that the question stumped me.  The only thing that I was in control of in the situation was me.  I could control my reaction, my interpretation, my response and it gave me a whole new perspective on how to be a teacher.  It gave me the power to be a better teacher.  So my answer to the question, how will I make the world a better place?  What am I in control of?  The answer is me and in that I mean giving.  Be it giving a listening ear, giving up time for others, giving my opinion, giving a compliment or feedback.  My dad has always been a great role model when it comes to giving.  What I have always loved about his giving is that he never ever exposed it, promoted it or expected anything in return.  He just felt that it was the right thing to do.

In recent time, I have applied this to professional development and conferences.  I don’t know where I heard it or read it first but the saying “that conferences are more about what you give than what you takeaway” has completely changed how I approach professional learning.  If we put our hand up to give, without expecting anything in return then the experience is richer….richer for all involved.  For those participating in the #youredustory challenge, you are giving…giving your thoughts, ideas, opinions and comments and we are all enriched as a result.  See the below link for a great example of true giving.


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  1. What are we in control of? Such a timely reminder as we are about to embark on another year of education, new students, new parents, new staff, do some even new schools …. We are in control of our responses, our actions, our thoughts and most importantly our perspectives. We shouldn’t waste time trying to control others, however we should invest time in ‘giving’. Thanks Steve.

    1. Thank you Margo for your comment, tackling the year ahead by consciously concentrating on controlling how you “are” in a situation will really focus mental energy and hopefully clarity of thought and action.

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