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My venture into the world of blogging began in 2012 with a piece that took me over two months to write and post. I over analysed it, I reread it a million times and then kept reading it once I had had the courage to post it. My belief that was that it had to be perfect, shiny and life changing for the reader. Fast forward to the end of 2014 and I am writing only my 26th post but I have changed the way that I write. As Nick Jackson (@largerama on Twitter has often said to me, the real learning or conversation from a blog is often found in the comments. The initial blog post is but the conversation starter. Writing a blog has not only sharpened my personal beliefs and thoughts on education but has it has led me to new understandings through conversation and connection. Putting thoughts into words helps to consolidate my own learning but the discussion prompted from this has challenged my views, my thoughts and grown me as a learner. I still overcook my posts but working on being a little more free with my words. I read blog posts prolifically and admire the work of some great bloggers. Matt Esterman is one of the deepest and most intellectual thinkers I know and his storytelling nature of blog writing makes each post a lesson in history and insight into education reform. Aaron Davis is by far the most prolific blogger I know and his net of blog sources, inspired thinking and willingness to ask the tough questions highlights his tremendous capacity as a networked educator and thinker. Jenny Luca is a leading voice in Australian education and her impassioned keynotes and blog posts are regular inspiration in my learning week. Jenny is also in a similar role to me and her work continues to inspire me through times of doubt. Corrie Barclay is another educator whose blog I regularly read. I always sign up for email notifications for my blog favs so that I don’t miss out on any new updates and Corrie’s is definitely on that list. When I think about Corrie’s work, all I think of is transparency. He shares the journey of his work, his school and his students better than anyone I know and his insight and willingness to share is refreshing. I always learn something new reading his posts.

When I reflect on my own writing voice, I know I mirror my physical self. I’m a dreamer who is best friends with optimism! The aha moments of learning, collaboration and connection inspire me as much now as they ever have. I doubt myself in thought from time to time but stand firm in others. Writing sometimes doesn’t flow, it kind of seeps out of me….but I feel alive when I reach out past it all and put my words into the mix. I have learnt that the connected world needs not similar voices but voices of all ranges, timbre and weight. As my favourite saying goes, without contribution there is not true collaboration. Find your voice and share it loudly.


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  1. Every time I think back to why I blog and how I started I always seem to think of different reasons, but the thing that unites them all is ‘having a voice’. Everyone asks how I manage to write so much. I think that you get to a point where you write them in your head so that actual process is merely a confirmation. Fine there are some that I have written out, looked at and completely changed, but more often than not they are written long before a letter hits the page. Trust yourself, trust your intuition, and let the rest follow I think. But anyway, that is me.

    1. Trusting your voice is the one of many great lessons I have learnt from you Aaron. Your process demonstrates this repeatedly. You talk about voice and then walk the walk by actioning your voice. I look forward to continuing the good conversation!!

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