Be remarkable


This is remarkable.  Everything about it is remarkable. The thought, the process, the reflection….all remarkable.  At a glance it is a glass full of weeds with rocks on the bottom but it is much, much more. This was created by my three year old daughter.  It was completely unscaffolded, undirected and absolutely remarkable.  After collecting her treasure, she searched around our house for a glass.  She was very particular about the glass that she wanted and the arrangement that she wanted. She filled the water up herself and was very proud of the final result.  I always love to hear her explain the “why” of her little projects and so we danced our little dance.  As us teachers can tend to do, I wanted her to explain to me why the rocks had fallen to the bottom, I was fishing for a answer (pun intended) and really wanted her to describe to me that the rock was heavy and that was why it went straight to the bottom.  I was trying to lead her down a path but in truly remarkable style, my daughter set me straight.  Her response makes me smile and reaffirms why I love teaching and learning.

“Dad, the rocks are on the bottom because they can’t get out.”  

Enough said.

This special moment between us is perfectly captured in Seth Godin’s book “LinchPin”.  Seth writes:

“We need you to stand up and be remarkable. Be Human. Contribute. Interact. Take the risk that you might make someone upset with your initiative, innovation, and insight – it turns out that you’ll probably delight them instead” 

We are remarkable. We need to be remarkable. Thank you to my beautiful baby girl for the moment. I was truly delighted.


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