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As far as browsers go, Chrome is my browser of choice.  Fast, powerful and organised.  The power for me is not in the Apps available through the Web Store but the Extensions. This post will talk about a few of my favourite Chome extensions.

Snip20140930_17      Dropbox – a quick link to my virtual filing cabinet

Snip20140930_22          Hootsuite – my Twitter organiser of choice

Snip20140930_8          EverWebClipper – All rivers flow to Evernote, especially with this great tool

Snip20140930_24        Readability – declutter webpages and make them easier & cleaner to read

Snip20140930_26        Select & Speak – highlight text, hit the extension and have the web read to you

Snip20140930_16          Pocket – my Read Later of choice

Snip20140930_10           Flipboard – curate your links into an easy to read digital magazine

Snip20140930_23         QuickMark QR – create a QR code for any webpage easily with this extension

Snip20140930_14           OneTab – Collect your tabs into one easy to share tab. My absolute favourite!

Snip20140930_15          Drive – A no brainer

Snip20140930_11             LessonPaths – easily collect and create lesson paths for your students

Snip20140930_12           OneNote – Clip any resource into a OneNote notebook of your choice

Snip20140930_21             Hangouts – Hangout or instant message straight from Chrome

Snip20140930_20            GooglePlus – Spread the word to your Google community or +1

Snip20140930_19             Feedly – organise your feeds easily

Snip20140930_18                EMS ePub reader -read ePub books online.

If you have any other great extensions, please share them in the comments. I am always on the lookout for new tools. I do also hope that one day that iOS will come to the party and allow these extensions to work on the iPad/iPhone. Thanks for reading!


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  1. Another great practical post Steve. Last week I got to use someone else’s Chromebook and it was only then that I realised the power and potential of the extensions. For no mater which device you log onto, the extensions follow. This is priceless. It was also interesting to hear Suan Yeo from Google explain that at Google they are looking more and more to create a seamless transition from desktop to mobile, so I think that the iOS problem will be resolved in time.
    In regards to some others, I use:
    – Extensity to turn extensions on and off quickly, especially at school when there is a clash with the network.
    – shortener to create quick urls
    – Diigo to not only help search, but also save to my library
    I have also started using Snagit to capture both images and screencasting, but need to get my head around it a bit more first.

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