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I’ve always marvelled at how prolific some bloggers are. I’ve got the ideas but always spend ages trying to refine the post. So inspired by @AdrianCamm’s keynote from DLTV, I will not hide behind excuses anymore. I’ve set myself a mini challenge that is inspired by the amazing work that @ChrisBetcher does. He set himself a challenge to create something new every day and blog about it. My Daily Create is a fantastic example of getting better at something by continually applying yourself, reviewing and learning. My challenge is to write a new blog post every week for two months. This is my second week in and I’m two for two.I figured I would start with the greatest excuse that all learners throw up when quizzed about why they couldn’t do or complete something…”I don’t have time”. I have a new job, a three year old and a 6 week old so if I can rise to the challenge then so can you. This is an example of how I am trying to be smarter with my time.

I travel on average about 30-45 minutes twice a day to work via car. For me this is podcast time. EdTech Crew, RU Connected, TechEducator podcast and a myriad of others are my usual go to for inspired audio learning. I churn through podcasts each week and there are times when the podcast well is dry. To combat this, I have been using a few apps in combination with Bluetooth to continue the audio learning.

My Audio LearningThere are so many blog posts and articles that I curate from the web that I never get around to read. I curate them into Flipboard and and share them on Twitter but a large amount just slip on past me never to be seen or read again. I have started to use Pocket a lot more recently and used it in combination with Lisgo. By saving a post or article to Pocket, I can go to Lisgo and listen to the post or article being read out. I have also set up a bookmarklet for my iPad to easily save to Pocket and I have found that I am getting through so much reading as a result.  Both Pocket and Lisgo are available for free from the App store. There is a limit to the amount of articles that you can read per day so I have upgraded to Lisgo Plus which does cost $10.99. I know it is a little steep but I think it’s worth the spend.

Pocket has the web covered but it doesn’t read PDFs or Word documents. After a little research I came across Capti Narrator. Capti Narrator reads any type of content and syncs with Google Drive and Dropbox. This has changed my world.  I can now listen to anything from the latest Horizon report to a student’s typed essay. Presently I am listening to the Blended Synchronous Learning Handbook.  Capti Narrator costs $6.49 from the App store but is worth it if you are finding your reading hard to stay on top of.  Currently I am experimenting with an app called Talkler to help me keep on top of my emails. After popping in my Gmail, Exchange and Hotmail details in, I can catch up with all the email that comes my way in a much easier to digest format. How do you fold time to work for you?




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  1. Great work Steve. I think back to the days when I used to travel an hour each way to school in the country. Really wish I had some of these things back then. I must say that Lisgo has been great. Only one that you seem to be missing is Voxer. Not your thing? I think of it as my own personal talk-back radio. Let me know. My user ID is: adavis61759

  2. Hi Steve
    I’ve been looking for tools such as these ones! It’s amazing what we are able to do nowadays and how these tools can help us accomplish our every day tasks. As you say, I find great articles every day and curate them into and wish I could get to all of them… So, a question: If I save into Pocket using my Mac laptop (using the bookmarklet), can I open my Pocket account using my iPhone while I’m in the car and listen to content using Lisgo? Amazing! Look forward to trying this! Thanks.

    1. Hi Carolina,
      Thanks for the comment. You can save using Pocket on any device (Mac included) and use your iPhone to listen in the car. I move between PC, Mac, iPhone & iPad and can save to Pocket from any and access on my iPhone. Technology truly is a marvelous thing!

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