How I connect

There is nothing like the feeling of being inspired, whether it be individually or as a part of a group or team.  I love the excitement that a great new idea or an innovative project can bring and I love working with people who feel the same.  I recently went to a TeachMeet in Ballarat and was buzzing with energy and ideas on the way home. I kept thinking to myself, why aren’t more people here?  Talking through ideas, listening to feedback, learning from amazing educators is how we grow as teachers and learners and a TeachMeet captures it all.  Throw in a pre and post session beer (beerpedagogy) and what more could a person want.  On  the way home, I reflected on how the richness and depth of my connections have grown over the last year and a half through Twitter, TeachMeets, blogging, curating, sharing, listening and reaching out.  I was also left wanting to ask colleagues the questions “Who are you connected to?” and “How do they enrich your learning?”  Is it a case of you don’t know what you don’t know and some educators just don’t know how to build their learning network or is it something more?  You could have bottled the passion in the room at the TeachMeet and had enough for two lifetimes.  It has spurred me to share my story about I how connect.  To capture the journey, I have used an amazing app called Touchcast.  Apologies for the voice lag.

Thanks for reading and watching!


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