Using videos in Google forms

Google forms is a fantastic, easy to use tool for the collection of data, opinions or a capture of student understanding.  This post is about a work-around that I have been experimenting with to include video in my forms for students.  Google forms does allow you the capacity to add images and so using a few little steps, I have been able to include video in the form of gifs in my forms. The aim of this exploration was been to increase the quality of assessment completed in Physical Education by the creation of simulations or video questions. The below form is a little snapshot of what we are working towards.

The tools that we have used have been (obviously) Google forms, YouTube (Creative commons licensed videos), Windows Movie maker and two websites called Bloggif & Keep-tube.

Step 1. Now in this post, I am assuming that people know how to create a Google form.  Setting up a new form for your assessment is the first step. If you are new to Google forms, check out this link to some comprehensive tutorials.

Step 2. Work out the simulations which you wish to present to your students.  Will it be videos that require interpretive analysis or will it be the naming of skills, movement patterns, etc…?

Step 3. Once you have worked this out, find video (or create your own) that clearly represents your simulation. I used Creative Common licensed videos as I was using to capture the videos.  Creating your own would be the best way to avoid any infringement of the YouTube licence.

Step 4. Once you have saved the video, open and edit the video in a movie editing program (I used Windows Movie Maker) and trim the video to capture the section you wish to share.

Step 5. Visit the Bloggif website and choose your file to upload.  Then create your video gif.

Step 6.  Once your video gif has been created, you will need too make some adjustments to make the image larger.  Scroll down to the options and adjust the maximum width and IPF to the maximum allowed (400).  Submit changes.


Step 7. The next few steps will be covered in the below video.

It is a work around for inserting video into forms but it does work.  I do hope that Google is working on allowing the inclusion of video in forms, it really would help to add another element to capturing student understanding.

Thanks for reading.


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