Using time lapse videos to capture experiments & procedure

I recently had a meeting with Chris, our librarian and Humanities teacher to discus alternative options for students to represent their work.  This was sparked by her desire to not have 25 PowerPoint presentations come her way at the end of the unit and a desire for her students to personalise their classroom experience when mummifying a rat and truly capture the magic of the process.  With the focus being on offering student choice and having the “tech” options available as seamless and simple as possible, we threw around a few ideas.  I have always loved the time lapse videos that you see during the weather forecast and Chris was intrigued by this option as well.  Mummifying a rat is not everyone’s cup of tea and so this option we thought would allow the squeamish students to experience the process as well as any absent students. The video below was created to help students to create their video.

As this method of presentation was optional, we only had one group go for it but what a job they did.  As students, they are not the most diligent of note takers but this process allowed them to immerse themselves in the  mummification.  Through the process of editing the video, they got the opportunity to relive any detail that they may have forgotten and see their own performance from a different vantage point.  It was a fantastic effort by the group and is now another tool in their arsenal of procedural representation.  This style of procedural representation could be used for a range of subject areas and is a really engaging alternative medium to the traditional procedural text.


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